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One Year Ago | 6 shares | By vimal n # 6119

A friend gives “love”,
A good friend gives “protection”,
A best friend gives “life”, but
“Heart full of love”.

2 Years Ago | 4 shares | By PAGALPANTI # 2

My Lover
My Best Friend
R In Sinking Boat

I Can Save 0nly One's Life
Do U know Whom I Save

I Save 0nly My Lover
Die With My Best Friend

2 Years Ago | 4 shares | By aman mathur # 435

best msg ever to a busy friend:"i think of u,U think of the difference is,wen i think of u i send u msg,u think of me after receving my msg":(

2 Years Ago | 4 shares | By vivek sarakte # 152

friend and friendship are the very sweetest things in life. I am your first friend
I am your last friend.But i hope i am always your "Best friend"

2 Years Ago | 1 shares | By chaitra poojari # 3028

Parents always teach their kids not 2 talk 2 strangers...

But the truth is, all our best friends were once strangers...

2 Years Ago | 4 shares | By H--786 # 323

You’re a true friend,
that I want you to know,
Our love for each other
has helped us to grow.
We’ve been through some tough times,
but we’ve made it through,
The only one I ever trusted was you.

2 Years Ago | 3 shares | By NONHLANHLA CELE # 246

I dont need to look into any crystal ball to tell me what i already know,you are a true friend and the best ever.

2 Years Ago | 2 shares | By NONHLANHLA CELE # 246

You know how i know you are my best friend,because you never turn you back on me even when i don't make any sense.

2 Years Ago | 4 shares | By PAGALPANTI # 2

Ur father guides
Ur mother cares
Ur brother shares
Ur sister loves...
But a true friend does all. Be a true friend.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By NONHLANHLA CELE # 246

A real friend dosn't say 'i don't know' istead they try to figure it out with you.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By P S # 269

a friend will visit you in jail, a good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be in the next room screaming "THAT WAS AWESOME!"

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Ajinkya suryavanshi # 6576

No matter what happens they will
always be here because no one
love you like your best friends do

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By NONHLANHLA CELE # 246

A true friend is the one who stills answers ur call even if u have had one too many to drink...

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By PAGALPANTI # 2

Who is A frnd?
Frnd is Sum1
Who Gives Ur BAIL when ur in JAIl

True Frnd is a Person Who is In JAIL wid U & says

Bola tha Na fasenge..

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