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2 Months Ago | 43 shares | By Monalisa # 75

A nursery boy proposes a girl: I Love U.
Gal Replies: Ek thapad marungi khichke.
Boy Replies Mukka to jese tu khaygi nahi phir?
Badi aayi thapad marungi.

2 Months Ago | 33 shares | By Sushila Banswal # 241

What's wrong with your mobile?

I Tried so many times but Every time I call it says-The subscriber you are trying to reach is in your heart!.

2 Months Ago | 130 shares | By Kanishk # 25

Love is not blind, it sees but it does not mind.

3 Months Ago | 23 shares | By Kapil # 48

Are you made of copper & tellurium,
Because you are 'Cu' 'Te'

7 Months Ago | 19 shares | By Shiba # 77

Cute little girl 2 shopkeeper- Jab me badi ho jaungi aap Apne BETE Ki shaadi mujse karoge ?
Shopkeeper smiling - Haan Beta zarur kar dunga,
GIRL - To apni hone wali BAHU ko 1 DAIRYMILK do..!!!

8 Months Ago | 2 shares | By madhusmita pradhani # 300

When youur fear touches
someones pain, it becomes pity,

when your love touches
someones pain,it becomes compassion

8 Months Ago | 48 shares | By Cassandra Isabel Anc # 127

Bacha: Miss Main Apko kaisa lagta hoon?
Miss: soooo sweet
Bacha: To phir Main Apne parents ko Aap ke Ghar kab Bhejun?
Miss: wo kyun?
Bacha: Taki k wo Humari Baat Karain
Miss: kya Bakwas hai?
Bacha: Tution parhney ke liye…
Miss Aap bhi na cable dekh dekh ke kharaab ho gai hain.

10 Months Ago | 25 shares | By Charu # 21

2 Judwa Bachche..
1st Hans ke Lot Pot ho raha tha..
2nd Udaas tha.
Dad: Tum itna kyun Hans rahe ho.
Son: Mummy ne itni thand mein
dono bar isi ko Nehla Diya.. haha

10 Months Ago | 23 shares | By Meenakshi # 126

Mom to her 7 year old kid
lets practice maths ok?
lets start with addition.
Your GF gave u 2 candy and 2 ice cream
Whats ur answer?
Boy: Love u Jaanu.

One Year Ago | 3 shares | By Maqsood # 911

Once a while good people need a reminder of how special and lovable they are... With this message, consider yourself reminded !!

One Year Ago | 5 shares | By Awadhesh # 99

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird,
And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
We join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

One Year Ago | 4 shares | By will dee # 1002

thanks 4 the nice words. 4 me all i can say u r 1 of the best person i have ever loved and will continue 2 love u. u bring joy 2 sadness an light 2 darkness

One Year Ago | 21 shares | By Deepak # 108

A cute boy asks a fallen rose:
Don’t u get hurt wen u r plucked?
Rose replied: No I forget my pain thinking that
i am the reason for someones smile.

One Year Ago | 4 shares | By Abhijeet # 51


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