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Thanks to multiple phone numbers each of the family members carrying now a days ... And the way they are stored...
Contact list is a bit scary

"Mummy new"

"Papa 2"

"Wife old"

"Wife 2"

"Mother in Law Jio"

"Husband India"

"Husband Dubai"

"Husband Europe"

And the best one is

" Husband temporary "

One Year Ago | 2 shares | By Pranshu # 92

Son there's a random question: If you have 10 chocolate cakes and someone asks for 2 of the chocolate cakes, how many will you have left?
Ans- 10.
What if they force you?
Ans - Still 10.
What if they steal it?
Ans - 10 and a dead body.

One Year Ago | 25 shares | By Yogeshman # 102

What will be the ad for Petrol in Year 2020?

Buy 10 liter Petrol & Get 1 Tata Nano free…!!!

One Year Ago | 122 shares | By Meenakshi # 126

Sabse Jyada Nasha Kisme Hota hai?
Shrab Me? No
Pyar Me? Na
Paise Me? Never
Sabse jyada nasha
KITAB Me Hota Hai,sala Kholte Hi Nind Aa Jati Hai..

One Year Ago | 142 shares | By Sakshi # 85

Select any pair of Alphabets
Then ill tell you ke aap kis tarha ki mohabat karte hai....,.
MM ??
FF ??
CC ??
AA ??
ZZ ??
SS ??
Reply fast.


MM...Time pas.
CC...Just Friendship.
AA..Sachi Mohobbat karte ho.
ZZ...Dhoka Dete ho.
SS...Itni Ziyada k Shadi karny ki Planing hai.

One Year Ago | 69 shares | By Retasha Sharma # 113

Let me tell u rPersonality,
which 1 do you like?

1.White Cloud
2.Blue Sea
3.Black Universe
6.Pink Rose
Choose One
rply me...

1.White Cloud=too emotional
2.Blue Sea=intelligent n cute
3.Black Universe=devil
6.Pink Rose=you luv sum1 deeply

One Year Ago | 36 shares | By Charu # 80

If a baby is born in Africa...
Wht will b the color of the baby's teeth ?
Don't stress your brain.
How will a new born baby have teeth?? ;-

One Year Ago | 33 shares | By Bruttendu # 123

1.which is the small est moon?

2.which jam we cannot eat?
Ans:-Traffic jam.

3.why is B always very cool?
Ans:-Because it sits in AC.

One Year Ago | 23 shares | By Piyush # 26

Which Colour u want ur partner to wear on ur first date?
i'll send you the meanings after you reply,

Black=you luv your partner
Blue=your truly in luv with your partner
White=your luv is pure
Red=your soo Romentic
Green=your luv is just 4 money
Maroon= your not determind to 1 person

One Year Ago | 5 shares | By Abhishek # 81

Navjot Singh Siddhu’s Son in School.
Teacher: What is a Noun?
Son: Mohtarma.. arjh kiya hai.
Kutta bhi hota hai apni galli me King.
Noun is the name of any Person, Place or Thing..!!!!

One Year Ago | 35 shares | By Animesh # 93

Choose b/w
after dat i will tell u k jb log apke couple ko stage pe sath bethey dekhenge to kya comments dengey.

1.ek dusrey ke liye bne hai
2.nice couple
3.bus theek hi hai
4.wah! kya jodi hai
5.Behen bhai lagtey hain
6.bhut paindu couple hai
7.bhoot aur bhootni ki jodi hai.

One Year Ago | 4 shares | By Saurabh # 14

A stupid boyfriend thought 'LOL' meant 'Lots of Love'. So he sent this text to his girlfriend, " You are only girl of my life ...LOL".

One Year Ago | 42 shares | By Shashank # 110

How to sleep faster..??
Just Decorate your bedroom to look like a classroom...

2 Years Ago | 72 shares | By Animesh # 93

Sardar: Station jaane k kitne logay?
Rikshawala: 50
Sardar: 20 lelo
Riksha: 20 main kon le k jaayeega?
Sardar: tum piche bheto hum leke jaayega

2 Years Ago | 65 shares | By Rajat # 17

Jailer: Faasi se pehle kisse miloge?
Santa: Biwi Se
Jailer: Maa-Baap se nahi
Santa: Maa-Baap to agla jnm lete hi mil jyenge
biwi ke liye sala phir 25 saal wait karna padega!! :

2 Years Ago | 59 shares | By Md # 52

Beti: Mein padosi se pyar karti hu aur uske sath bhag rahi hu!
Baap: Thanks mere apise aur time dono bach gye.
Beti: Papa mein to letter padh rahi hu!
jo mummy rakh ke Gayi.

2 Years Ago | 173 shares | By preety preety # 1080

8 secrets of Success u can find in ur room:

1. Roof says aim high
2. Fan says be cool
3. Clock says every minute is precious
4. Mirror says reflect before u act
5. Window says see the world
6. Calendar says be upto date
7. Door says don't miss d opportunity
8. Bed says sab bakwaas hai. Mast chaddar odh kar so ja


2 Years Ago | 78 shares | By Sushila Banswal # 243

Who is a Girl ?
A Girl is the most Beautiful part of God's creation.

She starts compromising at a very tender age.

She sacrifices her chocolates for her brother.

Later she sacrifices her love for just a smile on
her parents face.

Then after marriage ...
She takes revenge of all things
from her Husband...:)

2 Years Ago | 3 shares | By Sakshi # 85

Banta: Sante tera restaurant kaisa Chal raha hai?
Santa: Koi Khas nahi.
Banta: Vaise main do bar tere restaurant Aaya, Par wahan pe tala laga hua tha.
Santa : yaar tu lunch ya dinner ke time Aaya hoga.. Uss time humlog khana khane Ghar jate hai.

2 Years Ago | 34 shares | By 9875288111 # 12

The most 'Sharmnaak' thing these days is to
. .
that, "I'm not on WhatsApp"..

2 Years Ago | 6 shares | By manoj kumar # 294

Golden Thought Of The Day
Girls Express Their Feelings With Gussa
And Tears
Boys Express Their Feelings With Sutta

2 Years Ago | 39 shares | By 9875288111 # 12

World's Shortest Love Story :

Boy :
Hi, you Look Beautiful

Girl :
Thank You , Bro.

2 Years Ago | 62 shares | By Sushila Banswal # 243

If Someone Says Bad Things About Us, We Feel Bad ....

If Someone Says Good Things About Us, We Feel Good ...

The Question Is :Have We Given Our Remote Control To Others ?

2 Years Ago | 7 shares | By Saket # 16

2 boys with Sardar were going on a Motor cycle.
Policeman gives hand to stop.
Sardar shouted oye pehle hi teen bhete hai tu kahan bethega…!

2 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Saurabh # 14

If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

3 Years Ago | 34 shares | By Vikas # 83

Define Girls!!

The 1 who
b4 goin out for a party,
hair cuting/straighting,
put on
body toner,
body lotion,
eye liner,
eye shadow,
eye maskara,
face powder,
nail paint,
party dress,
Purse and
says: yaar jalde ki bajah se kuch kar nahe payi

Define boy!!

The one who b4 goin to party calls his frnd & ask :
“bhai, tu naha k aayega kya?”
Frnd reply: chal be tere bap ki baraat hai kya..
Boys alwayz rocks…

3 Years Ago | 19 shares | By manoj kumar # 294

Zindgi ki Shuruat 'S' Se hoti hai.
S- for Suraj,
S- Subah,
S- Sham,
S- Swagat,
S- Samay
Uske bad
S- Sagai
Phir Shadi Phir Sas,
Phir Satyanas!

3 Years Ago | 34 shares | By Charu # 21

Bus Accident
Man Crying: Mera hath kat gaya.
Bahut dard ho raha hai.

Santa: Abey chup baith.
Wo dekh uska gala kat gaya,
Fir bhi chup-chaap pada hai..!!

4 Years Ago | 49 shares | By Nitin # 118

Teacher: class me ladai kyun nahi karni cahaie?





Pappu: pata nahi exam mein kiske peche baithna pad jaye..

4 Years Ago | 8 shares | By manoj kumar # 294

1dard Naaak Kahani....
Dekhane K Liye Taiyar Ho Jaiye
1 Chhote Se Break K Baad.

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2 Months Ago

A day Without Laughter,

Is a Day Wasted~ Charlie Chaplin

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and this is something nobody can ever deny. Laughter is the greatest medicine. It is good for our soul. We do not pay much heed to the fact that laughter is scientifically proven to increase the number of years a person lives. Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and increases muscle flexion.

Well besides these facts, there is a sudden charm in funny things. It can change someone’s entire gloomy mood. It helps create positive emotions and helps us find a frame of mind in which we can more easily cope with the struggles of life.

Well, look at our amazing collection of funny SMS/Messages and forward them to make someone laugh their heart out and be the little ray of sunshine in their life. Make your loved ones feel that you care for their well being. These funny SMS/Messages will make then understand it’s ok to laugh at your own mistakes and flaws are nothing sought of a imperfection.

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