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20 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Raj # 42

I wish Moon always be full and bright;
And it's always be cool at night.
Now go and switch off lights;
And accept my warm wishes of Good Night!

22 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Kuldeep # 67

One two three...
Set free from worry...
See moonlight and galaxy...
Feel sweet dreamy Ecstasy...
Have dreams very lovely...
Good Night

23 Days Ago | 8 shares | By Rahul # 18

Friendship is a language spoken by heart, not written on paper, not given by pledge.. it is a promise renewed everytime we keep in touch! good night

25 Days Ago | 21 shares | By Aditi # 20

DREAMS visit us when we are asleep but GOD is truly wise….
He wakes us up each day and gives us every chance to make our DREAMS come true.

27 Days Ago | 26 shares | By anshul kumar # 3618

Cozy Cozy bed,
bozy bozy pillow,
cutoo cutoo person,
a stary stary night,
a curly burly sender wishing you,
gudy gudy night
sweetoo sweetoo dremzzz...

27 Days Ago | 10 shares | By Charu # 21

Night doesn't become beautiful with
star studded sky and full moon
It becomes beautiful when
you go to sleep and let stars
& moon admire your innocence...
Good Night my angel...

28 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Rana # 39

Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow...
Sweet Dreams and Sleep tight!

28 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Kapil # 48

Care is da sweetest form of wen sum1 says takecare,they really mean dat u'll stay in their heart till its last beat.takecar.gud nite & sweet dreamz!! :)

28 Days Ago | 52 shares | By Piyush # 29

Never blame a day in ur life.
Good days give u happiness.
Bad days give u experience.
Both are essential in life!
All are Gods blessings!
good night.

One Month Ago | 61 shares | By Monalisa # 72

Dreams Give Rise To Hope,
Hope Inspires Efforts,
Efforts Result In Success,
So Dreams Are The Roots Of Success!!!

One Month Ago | 206 shares | By Bhawesh # 46

Whenever you have a dream inside your heart,
Never let it go,
Because, dreams are the tiny seeds,
From which beautiful tomorrow grows.
Sweet Dreams...

One Month Ago | 6 shares | By Naresh # 97

Har Sapna Kuch Paane Se Pura Nhi Hota
Koi Kisi Ke Bina Adhura Nhi Hota
Jo Chand Roshan Karta Hai Raat Bhar Sab Ko
Har Raat Vo Bhi Pura Nhi Hota
Shubh Ratri...

One Month Ago | 2 shares | By Raj # 42

Stars light stars bright,
U r the only star I c tonight,
I wish I might be there guarding Ur dreams tonight
Good Night & Sweet dreams

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