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2 Months Ago | 3 shares | By Prem # 34

The calm silence of the night is a reminder of how blissful and serene my life has become after we became friends. Good Night!!

2 Months Ago | 5 shares | By Sanjay # 22

Think of all the good moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow. Good Night!

3 Months Ago | 21 shares | By Ranjeet Bhullar # 8967

Raat Aksar Ye Sawal Puchhti Hai Humse,
Ki Kaun Hai Tere DIL Mein Jo Tujhe Raat Bhar Sone Nahi Deta..

6 Months Ago | 4 shares | By Rajat # 17

Hi moon, Dim your light
Hello wind, Breeze soft
Hi flower, Blossom slowly
Hello Earth, Spin gently
Because my friend is going to sleep
Good Night... Sweet Dreams!!

6 Months Ago | 5 shares | By Rajat # 17

Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything for a little while. Good Night!!

6 Months Ago | 4 shares | By Rahul # 87

I know it's not true but my heart still believes that the moon shines for just me and you. Good Night!!

6 Months Ago | 5 shares | By Sourabh # 106

Tomorrow is a new day and a new start to make things the best they can be. Let someone know what they mean to you. Good Night!

One Year Ago | 4 shares | By Divya # 90

As you count your blessings may they be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Good Night!!

One Year Ago | 5 shares | By Saket # 15

Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive. The next morning but still we set an alarm to wake up that's called hope. Good Night!!

One Year Ago | 7 shares | By Gaurav # 107

When you kneel in bedtime prayer god will meet you there. Good Night!!

One Year Ago | 2 shares | By Anika # 77

The day is done. The moon has replaced the sun I guess that's my clue to say good night to you.

One Year Ago | 3 shares | By Ashish # 53

I started counting one star in the sky for each reason I LOVE YOU. Then I ran out of stars and I realized that reasons are infinite.

One Year Ago | 3 shares | By Arjun # 35

Before you go to sleep, think of all the things you enjoyed today. And thank god for them. Good Night!!

One Year Ago | 1 shares | By Chandan # 83

The warmth that you will feel tonight won't be because of your blanket. It will be the warmth of the hugs that I am sending with this message. Good Night!!

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