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4 Months Ago | 7 shares | By Gazal # 26

Do not get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless withoout your reactions. Good night and have a sweet dream.

4 Months Ago | 4 shares | By Monalisa # 70

Another day is about to end. It's so nice to have you as my friend. You make every day so great good night & sweet dreams. Don't stay up too late.

One Year Ago | 3 shares | By Love # 24

The day is done. Take time to appreciate the beauty we so often miss because of the demands of our everyday lives. Good Night!!

One Year Ago | 8 shares | By Saurabh # 14

Before you go to sleep tonight look out the window to witness a beautiful sight. The moon and the stars are shining so bright all because they want to wish you a sweet good night.

One Year Ago | 4 shares | By Sana # 78

The day is gone and the darkness falls from the wings of night. The moonlight shines over earth just to make you sleep well. Wishing you a good night!!

One Year Ago | 2 shares | By Bhawesh # 46

Close your eyes, nurture your dream. It isn't as far as it may seem. Close your eyes. Faithfully pray. So that tomorrow turns out to be a good day. Good night and take care.

One Year Ago | 2 shares | By Abhinav # 56

This night is a small break from having fun, from doing crazy things. It is an intermission, a small interlude from lots of smiles until the sun shines in just a little while. Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

One Year Ago | 2 shares | By Aditi # 20

Explain your anger, don't express it, and you will immediately open the door to solutions instead of arguments.

One Year Ago | 1 shares | By Nirati # 45

Instead of dirt and poison we have rather chosen to fill our hives with honey and wax; thus furnishing mankind with the two noblest of things, which are sweetness and light. Good Night!!

One Year Ago | 3 shares | By Nimish # 61

If I can only touch the moon I will write your name on it to let people know that you are the moon that light up my darkest night. Good Night!

One Year Ago | 5 shares | By Shinde # 19

Sitting on the cloud of memories, watching the moonlight dance, reading a book of dreams... Hoping to make them come alive. Have a good night sleep..

One Year Ago | 3 shares | By Love # 24

Let the most beautiful dreams come to you tonight. Let the sweetest of all fulfill all your desires. Good Night. Sleep Tight!!

One Year Ago | 6 shares | By Chandan # 83

Let the silence of the night give you enough strength for tomorrow. Let the stars light up your face and let the love of God embrace you. Not just tonight but for the rest of your life. Good Night!!

One Year Ago | 5 shares | By Pramod # 64

I often think that the night is more alive and richly colored than the day. Wishing you a good night!!

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