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27 Days Ago | 3 shares | By Saket # 16

I usually don't get attached too easily but that changed when I met you.

27 Days Ago | 32 shares | By Sourabh # 106

Caring for someone is easy but to make someone care for you is difficult. So never lose the one who really cares for you.

27 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Saurabh # 14

I may not be your first but I plan to be your last.

27 Days Ago | 4 shares | By Varun # 74

Love isn't supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be worth it.

27 Days Ago | 15 shares | By Priyanka # 56

Anyone can say they care but not everyone can prove it.

27 Days Ago | 3 shares | By Kapil # 48

Find peace in the morning rush and you will have a good day. Good Morning!!

28 Days Ago | 9 shares | By Harsh # 62

Think about the dreams you had last night to make your lazy morning a beautiful one. Good Morning!!

28 Days Ago | 8 shares | By Priyanka # 56

Bhai dooj is festival of prayers from sister to brother, brother’s protection for her sister. May this Bhai dooj , we all celebrate it with even more love and protection for our sisters and brothers.Best wishes on this Bhai Dooj.

29 Days Ago | 5 shares | By Nimish # 59

There is always one thing to be thankful for every morning,
to see the beauty of being alive under god's grace.
Good Morning!

One Month Ago | 8 shares | By Harsh # 62

Coin always makes sound but the currency notes are always silent,
So when your value increases Keep quiet.

One Month Ago | 5 shares | By Punit # 210

Aapko ashirwad mile Ganesh se,
Vidya mile Saraswati se,
Dhan mile Laxmi se,
Khushiya mile Rab se,
Pyaar mile Sab se,
Yahi duwa hai is dil se...
Shub Diwali Aur Laxmi Puja

One Month Ago | 2 shares | By Shiba # 79

In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So forgive often & love with all your heart. You may never have that chance again. Have a beautiful day.

One Month Ago | 2 shares | By Charan # 23

May the happiness that this season brings,
Brighten your life and hope,
The year brings you luck and fulfills all your dearest dreams!
Happy Diwali

One Month Ago | 6 shares | By Sakshi # 86

He Who Kneels Before God Can Stand Before Anyone.

One Month Ago | 4 shares | By Bhawesh # 44

Let's fill
our homes with prayers
and lights
not with
Fumes & Crackers.

One Month Ago | 7 shares | By Saurabh # 14


One Month Ago | 5 shares | By Priyanka # 56

No matter
how little their light is,
they can still
light up the whole world
and bring us
out of our dark agonies.
May the lights of
Diwali play such role in your life.

One Month Ago | 12 shares | By Arjun # 35

On Diwali,
Wishes for every joy and prosperity
Here's hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lights
Bring a world of joy, happiness and contentment to you
to last the whole year through
Happy & Safe Diwali

One Month Ago | 3 shares | By Shiba # 79

Om Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha,
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi,
Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat...
Shubh Dipawali

One Month Ago | 4 shares | By Ravi # 102

Warm & elite wishes not only for a special occasion but for today and forever...
Happy Diwali

One Month Ago | 3 shares | By Nakul # 93

Happiness is in the air,
It's Diwali everywhere,
Let's show some love & care,
And wish everyone out here...
Happy Diwali

One Month Ago | 4 shares | By Deepak # 43

Life with you is like Diwali,
So lets promise to be together like this forever.
Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

One Month Ago | 3 shares | By Bhawesh # 44

May festival of lights,
Sparkle up your Days and nights,
With Happiness and prosperity,
With Love and Success...
Happy deepavali

One Month Ago | 4 shares | By Monika # 39

Warmth of Joy,
Glow of Happiness,
Sparkle of Happiness,
Light of Good Fortunes,

Rangoli of Love And Affection
May You Be Blessed with all these & More!

Happy Diwali!

One Month Ago | 2 shares | By Charan # 23

Chirago Ki Mehfil Saji Hai Diwali,
Khushiyon Se Daman Kabhi Na Ho Khali,
Happy Diwali, Happy Diwali,
Ujalon Ke Sang-Sang Puje Hai Kali,
Jai Mata Kali, Choti Happy Diwali...

One Month Ago | 2 shares | By Love # 24

Diwali is the festival of joy,
Let us welcome our prince Lord Rama With rangoli, Diyas and Candles...
Happy Diwali

One Month Ago | 2 shares | By Sana # 69

May Millions of Lamps Illuminate Your Life...
Happy Diwali

One Month Ago | 3 shares | By Ravi # 102

May the light of Diwali lamps,
Fill your life with success, happiness and joy,
Wishing you and your family...
Happy Diwali

One Month Ago | 208 shares | By Bhawesh # 44

Whenever you have a dream inside your heart,
Never let it go,
Because, dreams are the tiny seeds,
From which beautiful tomorrow grows.
Sweet Dreams...

One Month Ago | 2 shares | By Anika # 77

May the joyous celebration of this divine festival,
Fill your heart with never ending joy and happiness!
Happy Diwali

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