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2 Months Ago | 1 shares | By Ashish 8574816604 # 1

When Your Mood's Not Good
Any Reason,
You Are Definitely Missing
Some0ne... !!
LIKE in 3 Seconds IF U MISS

2 Months Ago | 17 shares | By Bimal Dhiman # 119

Ishq wale ankhon ki baat samajh lete hain, Sapno mein mil jaye to mulaqat samajh lete hain. Rota to asman bhi hain apne Bichde pyaar ke liye, Par log use barsat samajh lete hain…

2 Months Ago | 72 shares | By Ravi # 100

What makes some people dearer is not just
the happiness that we feel when we meet them
but the emptiness we feel when they are not around us. I Miss U!

2 Months Ago | 19 shares | By Shubhdeep # 111

KISS is seal of soft affections
dearest tie of young connections,
love's silent confession

2 Months Ago | 106 shares | By sneha sharma # 1939

Pyar ke liye hamesha tarsi hu...
socha kabhi to koi gale lagayega
jab aaya koi zindagi mein ye na pata tha kya hoga......................
hua ye ki har kisi ki tarah ........
wo bhi tarsa ke chala gaya....................

2 Months Ago | 11 shares | By Sourabh # 106

Kbhi alfaaz bhul jaun kabhi khayal bhul jaun,
Tujhe is kadar chahu k apni saans bhul jaun,
Uthkar tere paas se jo main chal doon,
Toh jaate huye khud ko tere pas bhool jaun.

2 Months Ago | 10 shares | By Mahmood # 8947

Meri mohabbat ko tum aazma kar dekh lo
Dil mein bhare ghamon ko jhaank kar dekh lo
Har nas mein tumhara hi naam likha hoga,
Bharosa na ho to cheer faad kar dekh lo...

2 Months Ago | 12 shares | By Kalika # 50

Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.Love me and the world is mine.If I know what love is, it is because of you.

2 Months Ago | 2 shares | By Harish # 27

I'm not a pen to write your happiness but I'll be a nice rubber to erase all your sorrows.

2 Months Ago | 1 shares | By Ashish 8574816604 # 1

A Kiss Seals Two Souls For A Moment In Time..

When I Kiss You, I Can Taste Your Soul.

2 Months Ago | 3 shares | By Monalisa # 72

Without respect, love is lost
Without caring, love is boring
Without honesty, love is unhappy
Without trust, love is unstable.

2 Months Ago | 5 shares | By Rajat # 16

I love my eyes when you look into them. I love my name when you say it. I love my heart when you touch it. I love my life when you are in it.

2 Months Ago | 28 shares | By Monalisa # 72

I believe that God above created you for me to luv.

he picked you out from all the rest bcos he knew i luv you the best!

2 Months Ago | 104 shares | By Anika # 76

The best feeling in the world is when you look at the special person and they are already Smiling at you.

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