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One Year Ago | 2 shares | By Kunal # 27

God said "Build a better world." I said, "How? The world is such a complicated, cold dark place and there is nothing I can do." God said "Just build a better you."

2 Years Ago | 0 shares | By RAVI KANT # 135

Don''t run ahead of God. Let Him direct your steps. He has plans. He has time. God''s clock is never early nor late. It always strikes on time. Good am.

2 Years Ago | 1 shares | By RAVI KANT # 135

Live life with a joyful heart and keep your spirit young and free! Stay true and firm to Jesus Christ! And be the best that you can be! Take care!

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Mansi # 51

When you encounter problems in life, don''t ask God to take them away. Ask Him to show His purpose. Ask ways how to live a day searching His purpose for you.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sucheta # 98

God planted a seed of faith in our hearts, so all we had to do is water it with prayers, fertilize it with words of God and cultivate it with lots of love.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sourabh # 85

Like the rain can''t be stopped from falling, God''s love and blessing keep on pouring. I hope you woke up renewed and refreshed and comforted by His company.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Harsh # 60

As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the heavens to shower you lots of love and happiness to make your day a meaningful one. Good Morning!

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Harsh # 60

Only a fish knows the splendor of the sea. Only a Christian knows the glory of God.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Ashish # 53

God smiled at me just this morning thru the rising sunrays. I''m sharing the same courtesy with you by sending you a warm smile that your heart can feel even without seeing.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Gazal # 26

Mornings are reminders that God loves you! You''re not just given another day to enjoy but a chance to right the wrong of yesterday.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Prabhjot # 92

God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand His wisdom but we simply have to trust His will. God bless you all the way.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Kankambari # 121

Life is like music. It has high notes and low notes. No mater how high or low your notes may be, keep in tune with God and you''ll never go out of tune in the music of life.

3 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Kuldeep # 67

New day, new blessings. Don''t let yesterday''s failures ruin the beauty of today. Blessings of God are new every morning. Today has its own promise of love, forgiveness, joy and success.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Amar # 69

The loveliest day comes when you wake up one morning and discover the truth that love still colors our world. How lovely to be loved by Jesus. Good morning!

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Awadhesh # 99

God unfolds each day like the petals of a rose, each gentle touch a beauty to behold. Hope each of your moments today be so held with His tender loving care.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Prabhjot # 92

Be happy with what you have...while working for what you want...Remember, a happy and successful life...begins with God and ends for God.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Jyotsana # 16

It''s not how high you build your dream that makes a difference, but how high your faith can climb. It''s not how much you accomplish but how many lives you touch.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Raj # 43

God created mornings so that we can say how great the previous day has been and how wonderful the next 24 hours would be!

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Varun # 68

Before you start your day, have a quiet time with the Lord. Commit to the Lord Jesus whatever you do and your plans will succeed, each in his own time.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Shobhit # 71

May God give you a caring heart so that you can become a whole person, not just gifted with intellect that can understand, but with heart that truly cares and loves.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Md # 54

You may not know where life''s road will lead you. But keep moving. God is walking with you.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Prem # 34

May God send his love like sunshine in his warm and gentle ways to fill every corner of your heart and give your day a good start?

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Gaurav # 107

Let prayer be the key to open and close your day.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Pallavi # 103

Conscience: The inner voice that tells us that Someone is looking.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sanjay # 22

Sunrise makes our mornings beautiful but the words of God strengthen us and make our lives more meaningful. Smile & enjoy life!

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Akshat # 42

Prayer seeks for wisdom, not simply answers. It looks for courage, not simply help. It seeks for the gift of persistence, not only quick solutions. God bless you.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Neeraj # 38

God answers prayers - YES: He gives you what you want; NO: He gives you something better; WAIT: He gives you His best in His time...

3 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Abhishek # 84

Everything in life is temporary coz everything changes! That''s why it takes great courage to love, knowing it might end anytime... But having the faith, it will last forever!

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Priyanka # 73

As the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God shower you His blessings of love and lead you always to the right path.

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Abhijeet # 52

A special breakfast for you today: a plate of love, a bowl of peace, a spoon of hope, a fork of care, and a glass of prayer. Enjoy your meal for you are under God''s care.

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