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One Year Ago | 4 shares | By Sachin # 55

'Every one has a Best Friend
during each stage of Life'
Only lucky ones have the same
Friend in
all Stage of Life...

2 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Bimal Dhiman # 119

That's Friend.

2 Years Ago | 8 shares | By Akshat # 41

We are Fortunate that,
we had a Teacher as Wonderful, Loving, Caring As You,
Happy Teachers Day!

2 Years Ago | 12 shares | By Richa # 61

May not say it always.
But, I mean it whenever I say it.
Thank You Teacher
For all the things you have done for me.
Happy Teachers Day!

3 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Kunal # 30

Never a Moment There’s In life ,
Where Grandma’and Grandpa’s,
Special Love Is not Needed,
Always Having Thanks For,
Open Arms And an Open Heart.
Happy “Grandparents Day”

3 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Gazal # 27

Sister, please hold my hand,
Because without you I can’t stand.
We were put on this earth for a reason,
To go through every good and bad season..
Have a wonderful "Sister Day".

3 Years Ago | 1 shares | By Md # 52

Tea Is Happy With Water,
Tree Is happy
With Leafs,
Sky Is Happy
With Stars,
My life Is Happy,
With your

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Shiba # 78

Secret sharer Fashion consultant Comfort giver Co-diet buster Best friend Guess who I’m talking about? You sis, I’m quite lucky to have a sis like you. Wishing You A wonderful sister day!

3 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Nitin # 118

Hey Sister, When the world goes dark, Stars are there When the journey breaks up, Hope is there, When the entire world is vanished, And u feel left alone Tilt your head & look beside you, Will bring you comfort feeling of Care and affection moulds on u, As your Brother is always beside you to pour the special love and affection forever.

3 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Abhijeet # 50

I’m so lucky to have
You as my sister
If I had to choose one
I’d choose no other
When I need help
You’re there for me
A better sister
You couldn’t be
The bond we share
Will always be strong
In my eyes sister
You can do no wrong.
Have a joyful Sister Day……

3 Years Ago | 5 shares | By Amar # 67

Sister is someone who is caring & sharing.
Sister can understand things you never said.
She can understand pain which is not visible to anyone.
Happy Sister Day.

3 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Raj # 44

A Prayer:
To Bless Her Way,
A Wish:
To Lighten Her Moments &
A Text:
To Wish Her A Good Day.
Happy Sister Day

3 Years Ago | 8 shares | By Kankambari # 121

A sister is someone
who is sweet & supportive
Kind and loving
Cheerful & inspiring
a friend and my all time laughter
Sis you mean so much more than words can say
I love you..
Happy Sister Day

3 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Manish # 74

Whenever I needed to talk
you were there besides me
whenever I needed to laugh
you were there to put the smile on my face
you make a great sister really!
Happy Sister Day

4 Years Ago | 44 shares | By Barun # 64

BETI ki mohabbat ko kabhi Aazmana nahi, woh phool hai usse kabhi Rulana nahi, BAAP ka toh Maan hoti hai BETI, Zinda Hone ki Pehchan Hoti hai BETI, Uski Ankhe kabhi Num na Hone dena, Uski zindagi se khushiya kabhi kam na Hone dena, Ungli pakad ke kal jis ko Chalaya tha tumne, Phir Usko hee Doli mai Beethana hai tumhe, Bahut Chota sa Safar Hota hai BETI k saath Bahot kum Waqt k Liye hoti hai woh hamare Pass....!

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Varun # 59

Grandparents are there to help the child
get into Mischief they haven’t thought of yet…
that’s why we are blessed for having you.
Happy Grandparents’ Day!

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Sachitendra # 117

Grandparents and Grandchildren,
Together they create a chain of love
Linking the past,
With the future.
The chain may lengthen,
But it will never part.
Happy Grandparents Day to my lovely Grandpa and Grandma..

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Anika # 69

Grandparents are a Delightful blend of Laughter, Caring Deeds, Wonderful Stories and love!
Thanks for being my Wonderful Grandparents!
Happy Grandparents' Day!

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Vivek # 72

Grandparents is Creator of love,
He Gives We Lots of Love,
He Don’t Gives Any Argument,
Love You My Sweet Grandparents
Happy “Grandparents Day”

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Charan # 23

Wishing you both a quiet,
Easy space where the memories feel
so comfortable and life feels so good.
Happy Grandparent’s Day!

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Rishi # 65

A Mother becomes a true Grandmother the Day
she stops noticing the Terrible things her Children do
because she is so Enchanted with the Wonderful things her Grandchildren do.
Happy Grandparents Day.

4 Years Ago | 4 shares | By Pramod # 66

You have always been my inspiration who guided me all throughout.
Thanks for being a my true mentor.
Wishing that this Teachers' Day be really special for you!
Have a wonderful Teachers Day.

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Harish # 29

It's great to have a day that honors grandparents.
It's a wonderful chance to thank you for great times and feelings and lifelong gifts of your love.
Happy Grandparents Day.

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Jamie Wilkinson # 124

Among the sweetest memories Our hearts keep through the years, are special things grandmothers say and do - their tender hugs and words of praise, their laughter and their loving ways. These are joys that we recall our whole lives through.
Happy Grandparents Day.

4 Years Ago | 17 shares | By Abhay # 86

A teacher is one who puts his
own self in the way he teaches.
It wonderful to have you as one
because more than the textbooks,
I have learnt from you.
Happy Teaches Day.

4 Years Ago | 0 shares | By Abhay # 86

To Be a Grandparent
is to Experience the joy of Unconditional Love.
Happy Grandparents Day.

4 Years Ago | 2 shares | By Shobhit # 76

Twenty-Five Years, and Still You Are in Love Twenty-five years, and still you are in love! What river does not deepen as it flows? Each day your love increases as it goes, Nourishing the lands through which it moves. The love that lasts is deeper far than passion. Years pass and it abides beneath the light. Few know the secrets of its dark delight, Intent on all the toys that are in fashion. Vivid lusts yield pleasures that soon cease. Each year of love yields happiness and peace.

4 Years Ago | 13 shares | By Angad # 91

It's so nice to have a daughter like you who brings happiness to the family, That's why, on Daughter's Day, You're wished all of the wonderful things you deserve.

4 Years Ago | 10 shares | By Kanishk # 25

When daughters grow up they become your guide Thanks for always being By my side. Happy Daughter’s Day.

4 Years Ago | 8 shares | By Rajat # 17

Teacher is a person
who always helps everybody
to get the knowledge
always stands beside the students
when they have problems.
Thanks for being my teacher.
Happy Teachers Day

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