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3 Months Ago | 9 shares | By Sakshi # 86

Republic Day is a good time
to examine who we are
and how we got here.

3 Months Ago | 11 shares | By Prem # 34

Let Us Pray For
The Prosperity and Unity of Our Country
On this Republic Day!!
Happy Republic Day.........

3 Months Ago | 11 shares | By Gaurav # 107

Let's Celebrate And Salute The Noble Cause,
It's Our Nation Which Is Shining As It was.
It's Republic Day Today!!!

One Year Ago | 2 shares | By Shivam # 8986

Jamane bhar mein milte hain aashiq kayi,
Magar vatan se khubsurat koi sanam nahi hota,
Noto mein lipat kar, sone mein simat kar mare hain kayi,
Mager tirange se khubsurat koi khafan nahi hota.
Happy Republic Day...

One Year Ago | 2 shares | By anmol arora # 147

Mein Pyar ki khushboo ko mahkta chod aaya hun
Is Dil ki nanhi si chidya ko chahkta chod aaya hun
Mujhe apni chati se tu laga lena e bharat maa
Mein apni maa ko tarsta chod aaya hun
Happy Republic Day!!

One Year Ago | 11 shares | By Rahul # 101

Let us thank all the people and the legends
who fought and gave up their lives for us
to enjoy today as our Independence day 26th January.
Happy Republic Day!!

Republic Day SMS
One Year Ago | 6 shares | By Sana # 78

We Might Not Be The Richest
Nation In The World,
Let Us Maintain Our Peaceful
Coexistence for our nation.
Happy Republic Day 2016!!

One Year Ago | 7 shares | By Deepak # 44

The Almighty In The Most High Grants
Liberty Only To Those Who Love It,
And Are Always Ready To Defend It
Happy Republic Day!!

One Year Ago | 5 shares | By Shobhit # 71

Let us remember the
Golden heritage of our country
& feel proud to be a part of India.

One Year Ago | 9 shares | By Monalisa # 70

Republic day is a day to remember
When a thought of freedom was born
Don't just take it as a National holiday
Try something new to improve our country
Happy Republic Day!!!

Republic Day SMS
One Year Ago | 54 shares | By Vijay # 32

We the youth of India should take, the pledge that till our last breadth.
We will fight terrorism, we will protect our Mother India, with all we have,
Jai Hind!! Happy Republic Day..!!!

Republic Day SMS
One Year Ago | 108 shares | By Abhay # 89

Orange, White and Green,
3 colors are there not for to look beautiful,
3 colors gives us messages,
That we should love each other,
Live in peace and in unity....
Happy Republic Day to all Indian Citizens:-);-)

One Year Ago | 13 shares | By Pramod # 64

29 States, 1618 languages
6 ethnic groups, 29 festivals
1 country,
Be Proud to be an Indian!
Happy Republic Day!!!

One Year Ago | 10 shares | By Agha # 108

To Improve Is To Change;
Being Perfect Is To Change Often.
Let's Always Strive To Change;
Often To Make Our Nation Progress.
Happy Republic Day!!!

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